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Restoring Broken Families

Preacher: Dave Gustavsen

Series: Off the Map: The Life of Joseph

Category: Sundays

Passage: Genesis 42:1-44:1



Sermon Questions for Genesis 42-43


We have added numbers to the questions, but if you are pressed for time, look for the top eight to ten questions (marked with a “*”). If you have feedback, please let David Fuquay know at .  



REVIEW: Joseph has gone from favored son to brutalized brother to Egyptian slave to Egyptian prisoner…and now he’s been elevated to second in command in all of Egypt. And people were coming from all over the famine-struck world to get food in Egypt. And Joseph was in charge of selling the food.



  1. How did the Rice & Beans challenge go? Did it open any conversations for you? Did it reveal anything about you or expand your compassion for those who go without?
  2. *Have you ever been separated from your family for a long period of time: months or years? What were the circumstances? What did you learn from that experience?
  3. Why do families have family reunions?
  4. *What is difficult about asking for forgiveness? Forgiving someone?



  1. At our base level we are all sinners, we share that. However, each one of us has a particular bent toward specific sins. Do you know yours? How do you need the Holy Spirit to work in that area?
  2. What is the danger of letting subtle sins fester?
  3. The fact that two sinners are called to live in harmony, unity, and peace is a difficult task. How is it made possible? What, if anything, do we learn through marriage that we cannot learn being single?
  4. *Read Matthew 5:21-26.  Why is it important to keep short accounts with your brothers and sisters? In any conflict, why is reconciliation more important than moving on?
  5. Read Hebrews 12:14-15. How is keeping peace and bitterness incompatible? Who does bitterness hurt? In what ways will it affect your soul?
  6. *Where do your relationships show the scars of sin? Do you believe God can restore those relationships and heal those scars?



  1. *What is the difference between guilt and being convicted by the Spirit?
  2. *What makes repentance so hard for us? In the story of Joseph, there are several layers and reasons repentance is difficult; list them.
  3. Why is repentance best done quickly?
  4. *Read Psalm 32 and discuss how you can better live this Psalm. Discuss how the brothers could/should have changed based upon this Psalm.
  5. Why would God cause us to be stricken by our sin?
  6. Read Proverbs 15:1. How have you seen this verse come alive in your own life? How do you need to better live it out? How have you failed to live it out?
  7. *In conflict, how can you remind yourself that you too are a sinner and not just someone who has been sinned against?



  1. Do we value sharing a meal today like ancient cultures did? Should we? What has changed? What, if anything, does sharing a meal today symbolize?
  2. *How did Joseph develop the ability to show mercy, to withhold something within his power, right, and nature?
  3. God's passion is restoration.  Is it yours?
  4. How would a Gospel relationship be characterized? Where and with whom could you start?
  5. How does God sometimes help us by allowing us to go through adverse circumstances?
  6. What are the benefits of being honest?
  7. In your job, under what circumstances have you been tempted to be less than totally honest?
  8. How does adversity reveal and shape our character?
  9. When has God used the bad intentions or bad actions of others to bring about good in your life?
  10. How can the experience of Joseph help you to persevere in the face of hardship when there is little reward or sense of appreciation?


Further study and key words

Repentance. And repentance is a really important biblical term; the Hebrew term is shuv, which means simply “to turn”; the Greek term is metanoia, which means to change your mind. So “to repent” means to change your mind about your sin and turn from it.

“May God Almighty grant you mercy before the man.” That word for mercy is an important Hebrew word—it’s the word rachamim, which means compassion, or warmth, or mercy. It’s the opposite of being callous and harsh. It’s often used of a parent with a child.



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