Come and See

The Come & See stewardship campaign is driven by a passion to follow the example of Jesus and the early disciples, who regularly invited people to “come and see” who Jesus is. By making these upgrades to our facilities, we will be creating an environment that better supports our message—a place we will be proud to invite people to come and see.

This campaign is not about facilities; it’s about people—especially people who are not yet part of our church family. That’s why we have chosen to focus on the parts of our facilities that make the strongest impact on those we invite: Children’s Ministry, Lobby, and Auditorium. In each of these areas, the goal is to make our facilities up-to-date, warm, and inviting.

Click the following links for more details on renovation plans for our Children’s, Lobby and Auditorium.

We plan to spend the following amounts in the following areas:

Children’s Ministry Renovations: $65,000

Lobby and 1st Floor Renovations: $220,000

Auditorium: $240,000

Campaign Costs: $10,000

Contingency: $65,000

TOTAL $600,000

Budgeted 2013:  $35,000

Monies on Hand -$165,000


The three areas of renovation: Children’sLobby and Auditorium... 

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Through the generosity of the Chapel family, we can accomplish this campaign in one year. In the past we have seen an overwhelming response when a need is presented, and we are trusting God for that same spirit of commitment and shared sacrifice as we tackle this challenge together!

Besides asking you to support this campaign financially, we want to ask you to do one other thing: please take this opportunity to pray, passionately and expectantly, for people you love who are disconnected from God. This campaign is about them. Pray that through the Spirit’s leading and our inviting, they will come and see how real Jesus is—and that they will be transformed into Christ-followers who love God, love people, and serve the world.